74111 Piston Motor

Brand: Danfoss


Eaton medium duty piston motors convert hydraulic energy supplied by the pump to mechanical energy. These motors are uniquely suited to fit any application that requires continuous rotary motion at a remote location from the power source. Axial piston motors share the design advantages of piston pumps to provide long-lasting power in a light-weight, easily serviceable package.

Tech Specs

Model Number Displacement (cc/rev) Shaft Type Cont. Pressure (bar) Max rated speed (rpm) Mounting Port Location
74111-DAF-02 12 7/8" Straight Keyed 210 4500 SAE-A 2 Bolt Side
  • Compact, light weight axial piston motor in durable aluminium housings
  • Bi-directional
  • Numerous options for shaft types and porting
  • SAE mounting flanges and UNO ports
  • Fixed and variable motors
  • Displacements ranging from 12.3 ccr through to 82.6 ccr with 3 frame sizes

Agriculture Equipment 

  • Harvesters 
  • Sprayers 
  • Feed Mixer

Forestry Equipment

  • Log Skidders 
  • Bark Removers 
  • Limb Removers

Construction Equipment

  • Mini Backhoe 
  • Asphalt Paver 
  • Fan Drives 
  • Sweepers

Turf Care Equipment

  • Mowers 
  • Lawn Tractors

Industrial Equipment

  • Lift Trucks 
  • Scissor Lifts 
  • Telescopic lifts

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