FMM In-line Pressure Filters, up to 145 l/min at 280 bar

Brand: MP Filtri


Filters for mounting in-line. Flow rates to 145 l/min. Working pressure 280 bar

Tech Specs

Features and Benefits Performance
FMM-050 series filters are designed for high pressure applications, and are installed In-line. Flow Rating Up to 145 LPM
Specifically designed for Industrial and mobile applications, agricultural machinery, machine tools and transmission applications. Maximum Working Pressure  280 bar
The FMM-050 series represents exceptional value for superior high pressure filtration in the 280 bar range. Temperature Range – 25 C to + 110 C
Available in 1/2" and 3/4" BSP port sizes. Filtration  10 micron Absolute Microfibre
FMM-050 series filters are constructed of chemical heat treated cast iron and steel making them suitable for Mining and corrosive environments. Construction Cast Iron & Steel
The microfibre elements have superior dirt holding capacity and a beta ratio of       bx © > 1000. Fluid Compatibility Mineral & synthetic oils, water based emulsions
The FMM-050 series filter utilizes the MP filtri range of differential indicators, available as Visual, Electrical or Visual/Electrical. Indicators Differential 
Low cost, light weight and compact design Bypass Pressure  6 bar +/- 10%
Filter Part Number         
Part Number Flow Rate l/min Options Seals Port Size Indicator
FMM0502BACT2 45 – 140 B = Bypass 6 bar A = BUNA C = 1/2" BSP T2 = PLUG (std)
FMM0504BADT2 75 – 145 B = Bypass 6 bar A = BUNA D = 3/4" BSP T2 = PLUG (std)
Element Part Number         
Part Number Flow Rate l/min Element type Suits Filter housings Collapse Rating Beta Ratio
HP0502A10AN 87 10u ABS Microfibre FMM0502  20 bar bx © > 1000
HP0504A10AN 118 10u ABS Microfibre FMM0504  20 bar bx © > 1000
NB: Flow rates are based on oil with 30cst viscosity and pressure drop of filter assembly of 1.5 bar.
  • Power packs
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Mobile equipment, cement trucks, mobile cranes, waste management trucks, tankers etc
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Mining equipment

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