LMP 950 Low-pressure-In-line-filter, up to 2400 l/min at 30 bar

Brand: MP Filtri


Filters for mounting in-line. Flow rate up to 2400 l/min. Working pressure 30 bar

Tech Specs

Features and Benefits Performance
LMP series filters are designed for return lines, and are installed In-line. Flow Rating Up to 2400 LPM
Specifically designed for use on large industrial applications. Maximum Working Pressure  30 bar
The LMP-950 series is a superior and cost effective filter for high flow, low – med pressure applications. Ideally suited to lubrication systems, production machinery and other industrial applications where superior filtration is required for maximum equipment efficiency. Temperature Range – 25 C to + 110 C
The inorganic microfibre elements offer extremely efficient filtration and excellent dirt holding capacity with a Beta ratio of 1000.  Filtration 10 micron
The LMP-950 series is available with in-line or 90 degree porting for manifold or duplex mounting applications. Construction Aluminium 
Elements available in either nominal or absolute ratings made in resin impregnated paper, inorganic microfibre or wire mesh. Fluid Compatibility Mineral & synthetic oils, water based emulsions
The LMP-950 series filter utilizes the differential type indicators available as Visual, Electric or Visual/Electric. Indicators Differential 
Represents exceptional value in both cost and efficiency with 2 SAE Flange sizes to accommodate most applications. Bypass Pressure  3.5 bar +/- 10%
Filter Part Number          
 Part Number Flow Rate l/min Bowl length Options Seals Port Size Indicator
LMP9502BAF1T2 550 – 1700 2 B = Bypass 3.5 bar A = BUNA     F1 = 3" SAE FLANGE T2 = PLUG (std)
LMP9503BAF3T2 1000 – 2400 3 B = Bypass 3.5 bar A = BUNA     F3 = 4" SAE FLANGE T2 = PLUG (std)
Element Part Number         
 Part Number Flow Rate l/min Element Type Suits Filter Collapse Rating Beta Ratio
CU9502A10AN 800 10u ABS microfibre LMP9502 N = 20 bar bx © > 1000
CU9503A10AN 1400 10u ABS microfibre LMP9503 N = 20 bar bx © > 1000
NB: Flow rates are based on oil with 30cst viscosity and pressure drop of filter assembly of 0.6 bar.
  • Lubrication systems
  • Paper, steel and aluminium mills
  • Industrial power packs
  • Power station and industrial machinery

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