MPH Tank Top Return Filters up to 500 l/min at 10 bar

Brand: MP Filtri


Tank mounting semi-immersed filter. Flow rates to > 2000 l/min. Working pressure 10 bar

Tech Specs

Features and Benefits Performance
MPF series filters are designed for return lines, and are installed semi-immersed in a reservoir. Flow Rating Up to 500 LPM
The MPH 250, 630, 850 series can be specified with dual inlet ports. Maximum Working Pressure  10 bar
The filtration flow is from inside to outside of the filter element which ensures that all the contaminant is collected inside the element itself avoiding contact with the reservoir oil during element change. Temperature Range – 25 C to + 110 C
The combination of magnetic pre-filtration and high filtration efficiency results in a cost effective and versatile filtration series. Filtration 10 micron
The high flow rapid response bypass valves are a standard feature incorporated into the MPH range. Construction Aluminium Head, Nylon, Aluminium or Steel cover.
Elements available in either nominal or absolute ratings made in resin impregnated paper, inorganic microfibre or wire mesh. Fluid Compatability Mineral & synthetic oils, water based emulsions
The MPH series filter accepts a number of  visual and electrical switch type indicators. Indicators VT, VR, V1, EQ, EB, ER, EC
MPH series are specifically designed for heavy duty mobile machinery and process plant applications. Bypass Pressure  0.8 bar +/- 10%    1.75 bar +/- 10%
Filter Part Number                 
 Part Number Flow Rate l/min Bowl length Bypass Diffuser Breather Seals Port Size Indicator
MPH2504BDSAG1T 350 – 500 4 B = 0.8 bar   D = W/ DIFFUSER S = W/O BREATHER           A = BUNA          G1 = 1-1/2" BSP  T = with plug (std)         
Element Part Number           
Part Number  Flow Rate l/min Element Type Suits Filter Housing Seals Beta Ratio
MR2504A10A 440 10u ABS microfibre MPH2504 A = BUNA          bx © > 200
MR2504P10A 500 10u NOM paper NOMINAL
NB: Flow rates are based on oil with 30cst viscosity and pressure drop of filter assembly of 0.4 bar.
  • Mobile equipment, cement trucks, mobile cranes, waste management trucks, tankers etc
  • Earth moving equipment
  • Power packs
  • Hydraulic presses

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