MSH High pressure Spin-on Filters up to 300 l/min at 35 bar

Brand: MP Filtri


Filters for mounting in-line. Flow rates to 300 l/min. Working pressure 35 bar

Tech Specs

Features and Benefits Performance
The MSH series is a high pressure spin on filter typically installed in-line. Flow Rating Up to 300 LPM
Compact design and quality construction makes this range of Spin on filters suitable for mobile, industrial and agricultural equipment. Maximum Working Pressure  35 bar
The MSH high pressure spin on series are ideal for use in servo-assisted hydrostatic transmissions where the servo line requires high performance filtration at medium working pressures. Temperature Range – 25 C to + 110 C
Technically the MSH is a new concept as the filter canister is seamless. The unique sealing system ensures that the filter will withstand medium pressures up to 50 bar. Filtration 10 and 25 micron
MSH series filters are constructed of Aluminium body, Nylon bypass valve and Brass indicators. Construction Aluminium
The MSH series filters utilize the high efficiency "CH" type Spin on cans. Element media of resin impregnated paper or absolute rated microfbre cans with beta ratio of b © > 200. Fluid Compatibility Mineral & synthetic oils, water based emulsions
The MSH series filter utilizes the MP filtri range of differential indicators, available as Visual, Electrical or Visual/Electrical. Indicators Differential 
The MSH series is particularly suitable for use on supercharging or auxiliary low pressure lines. Bypass Pressure  2.5 bar +/- 10% 
Filter Part Number           
Part Number Flow Rate l/min Bypass Seals Port Size Post Size Indicator
MSH050BAG1T2 44 – 120 2.5 bar A = Buna G1 = 1" BSP 3/4" BSP T = plug std.
MSH100BAG1T2 110 – 250 2.5 bar A = Buna G1 = 1-1/2" BSP 3/4" BSP T = plug std.
Element Part Number     
Part Number Flow Rate l/min   Element type Suits Filter housings
CH050A10A 70 10u ABS Microfibre MSH050BAG1T2
CH050A25A 100 25u ABS Microfibre MSH050BAG1T2
CH070A10A 95 10u ABS Microfibre MSH070 SERIES
CH070A25A 125 25u ABS Microfibre MSH070 SERIES
CH100A10A 158 10u ABS Microfibre MSH100BAG1T2
CH100A25A 210 25u ABS Microfibre MSH100BAG1T2
CH150A10A 175 10u ABS Microfibre MSH100BAG1T2
CH150A25A 225 25u ABS Microfibre MSH100BAG1T2
CH150P10A 218 10u Nom Paper MSH100BAG1T2
NB: Flow rates are based on oil with 30cst viscosity and pressure drop of filter assembly of 0.6 bar.
  • Mobile equipment, cement trucks, mobile cranes, waste management trucks, tankers etc
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Power packs
  • Earthmoving equipment

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