SF2-250 Suction Filters, up to 160 l/min

Brand: MP Filtri


External filters, for mounting semi-immersed under the oil level. Flow rates to 150 l/min

Tech Specs

Features and Benefits   Performance
Semi-submerged positive head suction filter. Flow Rating Up to 160 LPM
Suitable for Power pack, Construction,  Mobile and Industrial machinery applications. Bypass Pressure  30 kpa +/- 10%
These filters are particularly suitable for applications where it is necessary to protect pumps i.e.. Hydrostatic systems Temperature Range – 25 C to + 110 C
This completely new design of filter allows the filter element to be replaced without having to drain the oil from the reservoir. Filtration 90 micron
Unscrewing the filter cover operates a closing valve within the filter preventing oil loss from the reservoir. Construction Aluminium
These filters are supplied with integral magnet column and without bypass valve. Fluid Compatibility Mineral & synthetic oils, water based emulsions
The SF2 250 filter uses a vacuum gauge or electrical vacuum switch for filter element indication. Indicators V, V0 & E1
Filter Part Number         
Part Number Flow Rate Seals Port size Options Indicator
SF2250AF1QT 160 A = Buna F1 = 1-1/2" SAE Flange  Q = W/O bypass, with magnet  T = Plug                     
SF2250AG1QT 160 A = Buna G1 = 1-1-2" BSP  Q = W/O bypass, with magnet  T = Plug                     
Element Part Number       
Part Number Micron Element Media Seals
SF250M90N 90 M = wire mesh                                 N = Buna                                      
NB: Flow rates are based on oil with 30cst viscosity and pressure drop of filter assembly of 0.08 bar.
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Particularly suited to mobile applications, cranes, cherry pickers, cement trucks etc.
  • Light industrial machinery
  • Hydrostatic circuits
  • Drilling rigs

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